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Reserve Basketball

Coaching Staff

Richard MacDonald, Head Coach
David Auerbach, Assistant


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1 Mateo Escalante, Canaan, NH

2 Ayden Gardner, Warwick, Bermuda

3 Carter Davis, Decatur, GA

4 Chris Giavelli, Sassuolo, Italy

5 Jack Marshard, West Tisbury, MA

6 Jason Jiang, Beijing, China

16 Tom Choi Wo Li, Shenzen, China

17 Barton Ding, Haikou, China

*18 Figo Wang, Shanghai, China

19 Jay Hong, Seoul, South Korea

20 Ken Wong, Shenzen, China

*21 Jacob Abdeen, Bogota, Columbia

22 Ved Bhat, Basking Ridge, NJ

23 Robert Blenk, Busan, South Korea

24 John Li, Shenzen, China

25 Jerry Zhang, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

26 Victor Zhu, Acton, MA

27 Michael Liu, Qindao, China

28 Albert Park, Incheon, South Korea

29 Randy Xiao, Beijing, China

* Team Captains

Scores & Results

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Recent Game Recaps

Win 20-15

The Cardigan Reserve Basketball Team took down Eaglebrook 20-15 with a stellar team effort. From the onset of the game, the teams’ defenses dictated the pace of play, limiting easy scoring chances. The Eagles used a zone defense to slow down the Cougar attack, but the home team found ways to score in transition. Figo Wang ‘20 sparked the offense with quick post moves on offense and quick break out passes to give the Cougars a lead. Later in the game Ken Wang ‘21 and George Wilkins’ 20 helped seal the game with some great individual moments and shots. On the defensive side of the ball, the Cougars ran a stout man-to-man defense that forced the Eagles to settle for shots and led to turnovers. John Li ’20 stymied the Eagle's point guards possession after possession. Albert Park ‘22 collected rebounds to limit second chance scoring opportunities. The Cougars look to ride the momentum of this win to bring down Cornish Elementary on Wednesday.

Loss 17-37

Cardigan Reserve basketball’s rematch with Newport brought no surprises; a strong opponent with whom the Cougars had a hard time keeping pace and an incredibly entertaining game to watch. Despite a score gap the Reserve squad couldn't close, the boys in green hustled up and down the court, played aggressive defense, and made some fantastic offensive plays. Jason Jiang ‘20 took the lead on the scoreboard and managed both foul shots that were awarded to him. Ken Wong ‘21 also made a fantastic offensive push, driving to the basket from downcourt for the first time, and making a solid layup in the process. This game showed how resilient and coachable the Reserve squad is.

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