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Win Green 5, White 2

For the first time in just under 2 years, Marrion field saw its first baseball action as the Cardigan Cougars played a Green vs White game. The long-awaited game saw some early action with a leadoff double from Tanner McFaul ‘21(White) followed by an impressive defensive rundown involving Cayden Van Dolah ‘21, Austin Knott ‘21, and Owen Tatro ‘21 (Green). After the first inning, the score was tied 1-1. Both starting pitchers, Jay Hong ‘21 (White) and Liam Murphy ‘22 (Green) found their spots and were able to keep the scores close. The Green Team was able to get the lead in the bottom half of the third inning with aggressive baserunning from Estyn Elkouh ‘22. The following inning, Green was able to load the bases with hits by Leo Sim ‘22 and Jaeson Cabrera ‘22. Murphy helped cement the lead, and eventual win, with a double that drove in 2 more, leaving the score of 5-3 in favor of Green.

Both groups were able to get much-needed game reps and were able to identify areas of strength and weakness. Furthermore, school spirit was soaring as campus got a sense of normal with competition back on the diamond, in the center of campus. Thank you to the many spectators who stopped by, supported the boys, and helped make the moment meaningful. The Cougar’s next competition is scheduled for Saturday, April 24.


White Team:Tanner McFaul '21, Hudson Deck '22, Lucas Van Mullen '22, Teddy Stettinius '21, Jay Hong '21, Ethan Roy '22, John Murphy '22, Ethan Lo '21, Solmon Kim '22, Gabe Quinn '21, Asher Frankel '23, Bode Murano '23

Green Team: Liam Murphy '22, Estyn Elkouh '22, Cayden Van Dolah '21, Owen Tatro '21, Jun An '23, Leo Sim '22, Daniel Jung '21, Jaeson Cabrera '22, Austin Knott '21, Gabriel Taylor '22, Josh Tedeschi '23,

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