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Green Group Game Day
Win Green 7, White 4

The most recent tilt in the Cardigan Hockey “Green” Group’s “Saturday Game” series took place in Turner Arena on February 6th. In the third iteration of the highly competitive slate of Saturday contests, the intense matchup featured lead changes and close play that (much like the week prior) remained tight until the closing stages of the game.

Just two minutes into the first frame, White got on the board thanks to the finish of (A) Danny Valenti ’21. Valenti’s tally began in the defensive zone, with Tucker Harris ’23 making a breakout pass to Gabe Raphael ’21 as Green defenders had aggressively traveled low in the offensive zone. This left Raphael with a 2-on-1 through both the neutral and offensive zones. Raphael slipped a silky little dish to Danny Valenti just as the attackers passed the depths of the top of the circles. Valenti received the feed and quickly tugged the puck across his body to the backhand before shoveling it past the goaltender to give White an early 1-0 lead.

Four minutes later, Green evened up the score with their first of the game on the tail end of a low-to-high cycle play and a strong offensive zone shift. Following a faceoff win, the puck traveled back to (C) Conley Bohan ’21 at the left point. Bohan sent the puck down the wall to the tape of (A) Tedy O’Keefe ’21, who had rolled out of the corner and up the left wall. O’Keefe moved the puck quickly to (C) Jack Roberts ’21, who had beaten his man to the high slot to become an option. Without stickhandling, Roberts ripped a low snapshot through a screen that found twine.

Just 60 seconds later, White regained the lead with a goal that looked nearly identical to the one they had just surrendered. Sechang Mah ’22 received the puck at the right point before sending it low to Sam Pfefferle ’21 below the goal line. “Salt n’” Pfefferle quickly found an uncovered Tanner McFaul ’21 near the bottom of the right circle. McFaul faked a shot, then pulled the puck to his backhand before floating the biscuit off the far-side post and into the net to make it 2-1, White.

In the closing seconds of the first period, White struck again to put themselves up by two. This time, the marker developed out of a scramble in front and a rebound that found its way to Gabe Raphael ’21. Tucker Harris ’23 sent a puck across the offensive zone, towards captain (C) Owen Tatro ’21, who hammered the puck netward. While goalie Ethan Roy ’22 made a great first save, the rebound made its way to Raphael in the slot. Raphael one-touched it home with just four seconds left in the period to grow the White lead just prior to the buzzer.

The first ten minutes of the second period passed relatively interrupted. Put an end to the period’s deadlock with a beautiful passing play on a zone entry that left (A) Tedy O’Keefe ’21 with a great look at the net on the backdoor. Jack Diemar ’21 drove the middle lane with the puck on a 3-on-2 before kicking it out wide to Brendan Agnew ’21 in the left circle. Agnew one-touched a nifty slip pass that found O’Keefe’s tape just above the far side of the crease. O’Keefe left little doubt on the finish, chucking it over the glove of the goaltender to bring Green within one.

Three minutes later, White—like the empire—struck back. Tanner McFaul ’21 found the puck on his stick on the right wall in his own zone. As a Green defender pinched down the wall, McFaul threw a soft indirect pass off the wall that Sam Pfefferle ’21 skated into at full speed. With the puck loaded off his inside hip coming down the right wall on a 2-on-1, Pfefferle pulled the trigger just inside the right faceoff dot. The puck found its home just beneath the crossbar, and just inside the post, briefly snuggling into the net’s padding to stay warm during the cold, February morning. With the bingo, White was up 4-2.

Five minutes into the game’s final frame, Green put their rally caps on and began their hike on the comeback trail. Logan Neal ’21 wheeled the puck through the neutral zone down along the right wall, and hit Brendan Agnew ’21 coming across the middle with a tape-to-taper. Agnew skated behind the defenders, and slipped the puck to Tedy O’Keefe behind the goal line. O’Keefe threw it at the net, and bounced it off the backside of the goalie. Pandemonium ensued, as the referee signaled a call for a goal, while members of the White team adamantly demanded that the call be retracted. Despite the protests, which might ultimately have been legitimate and justified, the call stood and Green had cut the deficit in half.

With six minutes left, Green knotted the score at 4. A dominant offensive zone shift saw Indiana Grossbard ’23 find the puck on the left half-wall. Grossbard moved the puck below the goal line to Landon Paul ’22, making his way up the wall on his forehand. Paul found Brendan Powers ’21 in the soft area between coverage, and Powers unloaded a wrister that sailed over the glove of the goaltender to tie the score with a handful of minutes remaining.

The Green offensive continued without a hiccup. Jack Roberts ’21 gathered the puck in front of his own net and sent a pass to Brendan Agnew ’21 in the neutral zone. Agnew was quickly joined by defenseman Jack Diemar ’21 as the two entered the zone in an even-numbers situation. Agnew moved wide before dropping the puck in Diemar’s wheelhouse. Diemar stepped into a clap-bomb that pounded the blocker of the goaltender (Treva Murphy ’21) before bouncing wide back to Agnew. From just above the goal line, Agnew release a sizzler that flirted with the crossbar before hitting the strings and giving Green a lead with just over three minutes remaining.

90 seconds later, Landon Paul ’21 potted a gino of his own on an unassisted effort at the end of a shift. While his linemates were caught in a change, Paul remained on the ice to apply forechecking pressure in the neutral zone. Paul found the puck on his stick just outside the blue line after a fortunate bounce, and carried it towards the net. Locked and loaded, Paul laid into a snapshot that ended up in the same spot as Agnew’s tally not long before. Green was up two with as many minutes to play.

The game’s final tally came from a Lucas Van Mullen ’22 snipe as he traveled across the high slot. Van Mullen gathered the puck as a recipient of a Mark Anstiss ’21 pass after Anstiss had covered the left point with Van Mullen shifting down low. The goal put the game out of reach with 100 seconds remaining.

Despite the game’s final minutes being highlighted by a Green onslaught, the entire tilt was as close and competitive as any have been all season. With more preparation and fine-tuning of skills and systems, Cardigan’s “Saturday Games” will continue to improve and provide the players with a highly skilled and competitive matchup every week.

Next week’s “Saturday Game” will take place on February 13th, at 11:00 am in Turner Arena. The game will be available to watch on



Goals: Jack Roberts (C) ’21, (A) Tedy O’Keefe ’21 (2), Brendan Powers ’21, Brendan Agnew ’21, Landon Paul ’22, Lucas Van Mullen ’22

Assists: Brendan Agnew ’21 (2), Jack Diemar ’21 (2),Tedy O’Keefe (C) ’21, Conley Bohan (C) ’21, Logan Neal ’21, Indiana Grossbard ’23, Landon Paul ’22, Jack Roberts (C) ’21, Mark Anstiss ’21


Goals: Danny Valenti (C) ’21, Tanner McFaul ’21, Gabe Raphael ’21, Sam Pfefferle ’21

Assists: Tucker Harris ’23 (2), Gabe Raphael ’21, Sechang Mah ’22, Sam Pfefferle ’21, Owen Tatro (C) ’21, Tanner McFaul ’21

Green Training Group Game
Win Green 8 - White 3

In the third installment of Cardigan’s competitive “Saturday Game” series, the Green hockey group squared off for a mid-morning tilt in Turner arena on Saturday, January 30th. With the makeup of the Green and White rosters looking somewhat different in weeks prior, the matchup was sure to bring new challenges and a new rivalry around which the competitive juices could flow.

In a first period that proved to be one of the most defensively well-played periods of the season, the game’s first fifteen minutes elapsed without either side giving any ground on the scoreboard. Despite several chances for both White and Green, solid play by goaltenders Ethan Roy ’22 and Treva Murphy ’22 preserved the stalemate heading into the game’s middle stanza.

Only 90 seconds were required to open up the scoring in the second period, as the result of breakout turned semi-breakaway for White. Jack Diemar ’21, won a puck in his own defensive corner and moved it up to the wall for a waiting Gabe Raphael ’21 on his strong-side wing. Raphael fired a diagonal pass to the weakside wing where a motoring Indiana Grossbard ’23 turned on the jets to beat his defender through the neutral zone. Grossbard lofted a fluttering backhander that found its way across the goal line to give White a 1-0 lead.

Nine minutes later, Green evened the scales with a tally of their own on the tail end of a dominant offensive zone shift. Sam “Dr.” Pfefferle ’21 tipped a puck to linemate Tanner McFaul ’21 low in the offensive zone, and McFaul began to walk up the wall (nice rhyme). McFaul moved it quickly to Conley Bohan ’21, who had traveled low in the zone from the point to seal off the wall. Bohan gathered the puck, took two strides towards middle-ice to improve his angle, and sent a shot netward that pinballed off of sticks and bodies before finding twine.

Not long after, Green struck again to take the lead. James Faucher ’22 won a puck battle gain possession of the puck on the forecheck towards the end of a hardworking shift. Faucher sent the puck up the wall to Conor Szwez ’22, who collected the pass near the blue line just inside the left wall. Szwez let a half-slapper fly—another shot destined for twine by way of deflection (with the deflection provided by White). Green grabbed the lead with Szwez’s first tally of the game.

Just moments later, Green struck again for their third goal in as many minutes. Danny Valenti ’21 intercepted a cross-ice breakout pass inside the White blue line. Valenti made a silky move towards his backhand before leaving a drop pass to an oncoming Jack Roberts ’21. Roberts walked into the pass in the slot, and ripped home a low wrist shot that grew the Green lead to 3-1, just a minute before the end of the second period.

The first five minutes of the third period went by without a defensive hiccup for either side. This stretch of serenity ended with a White tally that brought the score to 3-2 with just under 10 minutes to play. An aggressive offensive zone forecheck saw Tedy “Chief” O’Keefe ’21 keep a puck in the offensive zone by tapping it down the wall to Sechang Mah ’22, who had pinched down the wall in an effort to seal off a breakout attempt. Mah touched the puck to Brendan Agnew ’21, who had reloaded to gain space high in the zone and to become an option. Agnew received Mah’s pass just above the circles and traveled to the high slot before surrounding the puck and releasing a missile of a snapshot top cheese.

A minute later, White tied it up with a funky goal that was the product of active play by a defenseman in the offensive zone. Jack Diemar ’21 pinched down the wall to win a loose puck that had freed itself of the control of a Green stick. Diemar moved the puck to Gabe Raphael ’21, who moved towards the net in a shooting position before sliding the puck to Indiana Grossbard ’23 just off the goal line below the near circle. Grossbard sent a sharp-angled shot to the net that somehow found its way to the backboards. Diemar, who had been crashing the back post following his pinch, quickly found the puck below the goal line and threw it back towards the net. The puck ricocheted off of the backside of the goaltender and into the net, tying the game at 3 with just over 8 minutes remaining.

From thereon in, the game slipped away from White—or, more accurately, Green dominated the final 7 and a half minutes of the contest. Following White’s tally to even the score, Green bounced back with a full ice display of puck moving and transitional offense. Sam Pfefferle ’21 sent a long pass through the neutral zone to a flying (skating) Jack Roberts ’21. Roberts sent a shot off the far pad of the goaltender, the rebound of which bounced right onto the tape of Jack Dec ’21, who tapped it home for the eventual game winner.

The score remained 4-3 until two minutes remained on the game clock, at which point the floodgates opened for Green, and offense reigned. Sam Pfefferle ’21 buried the rebound of a shot tipped by Jack Roberts ’21—initially sent towards the net by Conley Bohan ’21.

Thirty seconds later, Jack Dec ’21 sent a puck from the offensive zone corner that bounced onto the stick of Conor Szwez ’22, who potted his second of the game.

Thirty more seconds passed, and Green struck on the powerplay. Logan Neal ’21 made a nifty spin pass from the top of the umbrella down the wall to Tanner McFaul ’21. McFaul carried the puck towards the net below the goal line, and sent a backhand pass to the slot onto the tape of Christian Maro ’21, who pounded home the chance.

The final tally of the game came with just under thirty seconds remaining. Jack Roberts ’21 found Tucker Harris ’23 on a semi-breakaway entering the offensive zone. As Harris was tracked down, he spun to deliver a backhand pass to Sam Pfefferle ’21, who touched home the game’s final marker.

While the final score told a story of a game far more lopsided than what occurred in reality, the game’s first 43 minutes saw a competitive matchup that featured lead changes, smart defensive play, and high levels of competition. The next “Saturday Game” for Cardigan Green will take place at 11:00 am in Turner Arena on February 6th (coincidentally a Saturday). The game will be available to stream at



Goals: Conor Szwez ’22 (2), Sam Pfefferle ’21(2), Conley Bohan ’21, Jack Roberts ’21, Jack Dec ’21, Christian Maro ’21

Assists: Jack Roberts ’21 (3), Sam Pfefferle ’21(2), Tanner McFaul ’21(2), James Faucher ’22, Danny Valenti ’21, Conley Bohan ’21, Jack Dec ’21, Logan Neal ’21, Tucker Harris ’23


Goals: Indiana Grossbard ’23, Brendan Agnew ’21, Jack Diemar, ’21

Assists: Gabe Raphael ’21 (2), Jack Diemar ’21, Sechang Mah ’22, Tedy O’Keefe ’21, Indiana Grossbard ’23

Cardigan Green Team Rematch
Win Green 6 - White 1

In a rematch to a highly competitive opening day matchup, Saturday (1/23) saw a game that was more or less carried by the play of one side. Injuries of three White forwards proved to be too much to overcome, and the resulting final score reflected the dominance of Green throughout the contest.

The scoring was opened in the game’s first period nearly ten minutes in, as the puck moved from Brendan Powers ’21 in the high slot to a waiting Miles Kim ’21 at the blue line. Kim let go of a slap-pass that—much like the hills—had eyes. The puck found the stick of Indiana Grossbard ’23 waiting back door to touch home the “gimme,” and put Green on top 1-0.

Not long after, the very same line struck again—this time on a play that begin in the defensive zone. Brendan Powers ’21 received a rim that had come from the opposite side of the ice, and made a nifty backhand saucer pass that cleared the sticks of a White forward tracking back and a White defenseman pinching down the wall. The puck landed on tape of Christian Maro ’21, who gathered speed low in the zone to support the puck. Maro received the sauce, and carried the biscuit through all three zones, using his speed to create a semi-breakaway that was capped off with a short-side rifle of a wrist shot. The goal was the last of the period, putting Green up 2-0.

The game’s next marker came off of another Green stick nearly halfway through the second frame. Lucas Van Mullen ’22 made a crisp breakout pass to defensive partner Conley Bohan ’21, who had opened up to the play as White attempted a line change after dumping the puck in. Bohan received the pass on the right wall in his defensive zone, and zipped a perfect pass diagonally across the neutral zone to Sam Pfefferle ’21. Pfefferle beat a stepping defenseman at the blue line, and attacked the net on a 2-on-1 with Bohan, who had jumped up into the rush following his Duct-to-Scotch pass (tape to tape, TM). Pfefferle’s pass across the crease was redirected into the net, putting Green up by 3.

Green struck again before the end of the second, on a great transition play that saw them recover a puck on a neutral zone forecheck and attack with speed. Following a fruitless White powerplay, Mark Anstiss ’21 stole the puck on a neutral zone forecheck, and quickly delivered it to the wall for an approaching Brendan Agnew ’21, who was motoring north from his own zone. Anstiss stayed onside to allow Agnew to move aggressively toward the net with the puck loaded off of his inside hip. Agnew’s missile—like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story”—kissed the post before ricocheting into the back of the net and putting Green up 4-0 before the third period began.

Halfway through the third period, White found the back of the net at last. While shorthanded, James Faucher ’22 won a loose puck by chipping it off the wall to himself and eluding a pinching defender. Faucher worked his way inside the dots as a 2-on-1 appeared to be developing. Faucher quickly pulled the puck across his body to the backhand, before shelfing it to cap off a great individual effort that gave White it’s only tally of the game.

Not long after Faucher’s effort, Green called the White goal, and raised them one more. With just minutes remaining, Christian Maro ’21 won an offensive zone faceoff, that saw Indiana Grossbard ’23 follow up to support. Grossbard sent the puck on net, where the initial shot was kicked out to Brendan Powers ’21 on the doorstep. A quick tug to the backhand saw Powers with an empty cage into which he deposited the puck. The final strike for Green came just seconds later off of the ensuing faceoff. Owen Tatro ’21 gathered the puck at his own blue line, and turned on the jets to carry the puck into the slot area of White. The puck ended up on Christian Maro’s (’21) stick, and eventually found its way back to Brendan Powers ’21 just above the circles. Powers let go of a wrist shot that found its way through traffic, and settled in the back of the net to put an exclamation point on an impressive Green win.

Ethan Roy ’22 was excellent in net for Green, turning away nearly 20 shots in a winning effort. The next “Saturday Game” will take place on January 30th at Turner Arena, and will be available to stream on NFHS. Teams will likely look different than they have the past two weeks.



Goals: Brendan Powers ’21 (2), Indiana Grossbard ’23, Sam Pfefferle ’21, Brendan Agnew ’21, Christian Maro ’21

Assists: Brendan Powers ’21 (2), Christian Maro ’21 (2), Lucas Van Mullen ’22, Conley Bohan ’21, Miles Kim ’21, Owen Tatro ’21, Indiana Grossbard ’21, Mark Anstiss ’21


Goals: James Faucher ’22

Green and White Game
Win Shootout Victory

The Cardigan Mountain School Hockey Program kicked off its first Saturday of inter-program games with an absolute barn-burner this past weekend in Turner Arena. In a year defined by adaptations and shocks to normalcy, it’s clear that at least one thing has remained constant in the Cardigan barn—the drive to win is as strong as ever.

In a “Green vs. White” game that featured Cardigan’s most-advanced hockey players in sweaters in each color, the game felt every bit as competitive as a mid-season tilt against a longtime rival. Granted the affair was not without its share of rust to be shaken off, the level to which the boys in Cardigan colors took their competition was one not yet seen on-campus this year—a sign of good things to come.

After a brief warm-up, the puck was dropped at center ice, kicking off the unprecedented stretch of hockey competition and development at Cardigan set to unfold over the course of the next two months.

The game’s first period featured some solid play and puck movement as chemistry quickly developed between teammates. The spotlight of the first frame, however, was stolen by the performance of Treva Murphy ’22 (White) and Ethan Roy ’22 (Green) in net, as they were unbeatable in their respective cages. The scoreboard read “zeros” at the end of the first period; a scoreless and even start to a game that would end in a similar fashion.

The second period brought the game’s only goals, with the puck finding the back of each net two times. Green opened the scoring on a quick-up in transition that saw a neutral zone turnover quickly become a 2 on 1. Lucas Van Mullen ’22 sent the puck from his own blue line to a waiting Christian Maro ’21 on the offensive half of the ice. Maro collected the puck and embarked on a 2 on 1 between the dots, holding the puck off of his inside hip to keep the defender at bay. As Maro reached the slot area, he let go of a labeled wrist shot that sizzled top cheese, and breaking the then scoreless tie.

Not long after did White re-balance the scales by tallying a tuck of their own. Gabe Raphael ’21 won on offensive zone faceoff in the right circle. The wall-side defenseman, Zach Miles ’21, gathered the faceoff win and walked across the blue line towards middle ice. Miles took a slapshot towards traffic, and much like a waiter, he was looking for a tip. He found exactly that, as Gabe Raphael (headed towards the net after the faceoff) redirected the puck to the back of the net, tying the score.

White would strike again just minutes later, with the tally again coming off the stick of Raphael. Jayden Lee ’22 won possession of the puck in the offensive zone and moved up the wall looking for teammates to win space and become options. He found an option in linemate Jackson Davies ’22, who received Lee’s pass in the high-slot before quickly turning and letting a wrister fly on net. The initial save was made, with the rebound being sent skyward directly in front of the net. Gabe Raphael, familiar with the phrase “What goes up, must come down,” stood waiting at the net front, and re-directed the puck to the twine out of mid-air, giving White a 2-1 lead. However, like any score advantaged gained in Saturday’s game, this lead didn’t last long.

Green answered with another tally off the stick of Christian Maro ’22. With the puck in the Green defensive zone, Indiana “Indy” Grossbard ’23 made a slick breakout pass to Sam Pfefferle ’21, who was leaving the zone with speed. After a strong inside outside move to lose the defender, Pfefferle dug in his edges and was able to send a dangerous chance on net. Treva Murphy made the initial save, but Christian Maro was not far behind to bury the rebound on a second-chance opportunity to tie the game. The goal was one that showcased strong play in all three zones, beginning with strong positioning and decision-making in the defensive zone, speed through the neutral zone, and finish around the net.

The period ended with the score knotted at 2-2…as would the following period. The third period and overtime (5 minutes of 3 on 3) were highlighted again by superb play between the pipes by Murphy and Roy. Each faced high-danger chances of different varieties, including multiple breakaways resulting from broken plays in the neutral zone. Despite the inundation of scoring chances, both tendies stood tall and gave their respective teams more than enough opportunity win.

The game would eventually be decided in a three-man shootout. Coming to the surprise of no one in the rink on Saturday morning, the play by both goaltenders extended the shootout to six rounds. In a fitting way to end an excellent individual performance, Gabe Raphael ended up potting the winning goal in Round 6 by channeling his inner Patrick Kane and slowing down as he approached the net, moving the puck to either side of his body before making a slick pull to the backhand and ending the game.

Cardigan’s first “Mystery, Alaska”-esque ‘Saturday Game’ proved to be an enormously bright spot in a year that has otherwise been defined by changing circumstances and adaptations. Though things in the world may seem in flux and are changing by the day, there is safe haven in Turner Arena for Cardigan’s players, and the spirit of competition is as alive as it has ever been.



Goals: Christian Maro ’21 (2)

Assists: Lucas Van Mullen ’22, Sam Pfefferle ’21, Indiana Grossbard ’23


Goals: Gabe Raphael '21 (2)

Assists: Jackon Davies ’22, Jayden Lee ’22, Zach Miles ’21

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