Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Cardigan Career Network

Welcome to the Cardigan Career Network, an initiative spearheaded by the Alumni Office and members of the Cardigan Alumni Board.
This network is designed to connect alumni with mentors who can help guide academic and career paths by offering advice, connections, and employment. It will also offer employers a pool of quality candidates, all of whom learned the Core Values and lived the Cardigan Way. Whether you are considering secondary schools, planning for retirement, or anything in between, the Cardigan community is ready and willing to help you reach your goals.  

As this network grows, we continue to seek committed mentors who are willing to connect with alumni, through email, phone conversations, or in person and offer advice based on their professional experience. There can never be too many mentors nor too much diversity in occupation or location.

Please join the career network and offer your service as a mentor and choose your area of expertise. Alternately, if signing up as a mentee, please select your area of interest so we can connect you with mentors.  

This service is similar to what college and university career centers offer, but nothing can mimic the bonds created by time spent on The Point. As this network grows, we’re looking forward to helping alumni “help the other fella! 

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