Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

The Cardigan Way in Video

Cardigan boys running across Marrion field playing the shoe game

Many types of boys are successful at Cardigan. We meet each boy where they are and teach them the tools to go as far as they can. The videos below each speak to a specific aspect of the Cardigan experience and why it is so powerful and unique.

The Cardigan Way

Head of School Chris Day P’12,’13 describes what the the Cardigan Way means to him: choosing to live our Core Values, working hard at our academics, working hard at athletics, working hard in community, and why it's important to 'help the other fella.'

A Place to Excel

Head of School Chris Day P’12,’13 and fellow parent J. Frantz Dorilas P’19 speak about Cardigan's ability to meet each boy's needs and help him go as far as they can.

Learning and Growing

Parent Topsy King P’16,’19 discusses how Cardigan was a great fit for both of her sons even though each had different needs, strengths, and skill sets.

Facing Challenges

All middle school boys make mistakes. Through Cardigan's supportive community, we teach them to identify mistakes and learn from them. Parent Andrew King P’16,’19 explains how this has impacted his family.

Athletics at Cardigan

Athletics are an important part of life for middle school boys, and physical activity is a part of each day at Cardigan. Head of School Chris Day explains the philosophy behind Cardigan Athletics.

PEAKS: Personalized Education for the Acquisition of Knowledge & Skills

The PEAKS Department coaches teach boys to understand themselves as learners and take ownership in their education.

Cardigan Skiing Program

Led by Director of Alpine Skiing and former Olympian Julia Ford, Cardigan's skiing program represents an unparalleled opportunity for boys. We provide a program that trains 6 days a week with zero academic disruption and opportunities to play other sports.

Admissions Events

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Cardigan graduate

The Cardigan Mission

Cardigan Mountain School offers a close-knit community that prepares middle school boys—in mind, body, and spirit—for responsible and meaningful lives in a global society.

Mission, Equity & Core Values

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for Cardigan 2032 identifies four action areas that prioritize people and programs:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Program & Curriculum
  • Finance

Strategic Plan