Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Cardigan Reflections

Our shared history is a mosaic built from individual experiences.

Every time someone in the Cardigan family reflects on their time at the School, we learn more about ourselves. We are delighted to share this forum for sharing Cardigan stories, established as part of the School’s 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2020–2021. We will continue to add new reflections as well as memories gathered over the years, all of which are now part of the growing Cardigan Archives collection.


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Arthur Broadhurst

Arthur G. Broadhurst

Reflections: School Publications

Roger Bullard ’49 and Warren Huse ’52

Reflection: Ed Krayer '82

Ed Krayer ’82

Reflection: Adam Philie '10

Adam Philie ’10

Reflection: Norm Wakely

Norman C. Wakely (Headmaster 1963–1989)

Reflection: Ken Klaus ’73

Ken Klaus ’73

Reflection: Taylor Chace ’02

Taylor Chace ’02

Reflection: Wim Hart H'08

Wim Hart H’08

Reflection: Nick BhiromBhakdi ’73

Nick BhiromBhakdi ’73

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