Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

From the Archives Collection

The Cardigan Archives has a rich collection of media from the School’s past. We began sharing digitized items from our collection as part of Cardigan’s 75th Anniversary celebrations in 2020-21, and this work continues.

We invite you to turn back the clock and visit an earlier era: read a publication, browse through short film clips, or settle in to watch a long-form feature. If this content brings a part of your own Cardigan experience to mind, we hope you will share a reflection with us.

Glimpses of The Point

Short clips from Cardigan’s past, excerpted from archived film.

Coach Jim Marrion, 1983

1983 Eaglebrook Game

Joe Collins in 1984

Joe Collins, 1984

Chapel Curtains, Commencement 1984

Chapel Curtains, 1984

Carol Shelton and Bill Cushman

Shelton honors Cushman

Wakely at Halloween, 1983

Wakely at Halloween

Cardigan Clarion

Cardigan’s first student paper was published only in 1946–47.

Clarion March 1, 1947

Clarion (March 1, 1947)

Cardigan Clarion (March 15, 1947)

Clarion (March 15, 1947)

Clarion, June 1947

Clarion (June 3, 1947)

The Blaze

The first issue of the Cardigan Mountain School yearbook was printed in 1958.

Blaze 1958

Blaze 1958

Blaze 1959

Blaze 1959

Blaze 1960

Blaze 1960

Blaze 1961

Blaze 1961

Blaze 1962

Blaze 1962

Blaze 1963

Blaze 1963

Cardigan Chronicle

Cardigan’s school magazine began as a student newspaper, but was later shared with the broader School community.

Cardigan Chronicle

October, 1950

Cardigan Chronicle

October, 1951

Cardigan Chronicle

December, 1951

Cardigan Chronicle

February, 1952

Cardigan Chronicle

June, 1952

Cardigan Chronicle

February, 1953

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Written Histories

History of Canaan, New Hampshire (1910)

History of Canaan (1910)

Cardigan History 1995

Cardigan Mountain School History, 1945–1995

Films of Cardigan Life

Promotional film (circa 1995)

Promotional film (c1995)

Promotional film (circa 1984)

Promotional film (c1984)

Cardigan! (1969 Film)

Cardigan! (1969)

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