Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9


Class photo during Commencement

At Cardigan Mountain School, our forward-thinking program is informed by the School’s rich history and traditions. We embrace the vision of our founders, Harold P. Hinman, a Dartmouth College graduate, and William R. Brewster, headmaster of Kimball Union Academy: they imagined a School that offered a beautiful natural setting and balanced instruction, helping boys build a foundation for future success.

In 1945, these men joined with Dartmouth president E. M. Hopkins to obtain our School’s lakefront home, nestled below Mt. Cardigan’s peak. Cardigan has integrated thoughtfully into this campus, expanding from an initial graduating class of seven boys, merging with the Clark School in 1954, and settling intentionally into our current enrollment of just over 200 boys in grades six through nine. 

Having marked the School’s 75th anniversary, we are proud to note that our philosophy and objectives have remained unchanged. We learn from and value our environment; we emphasize risk-taking and experiential learning; we foster personal responsibility and kindness to others. As Cardigan’s founders envisioned, we remain deeply committed to helping boys realize their potential, so that they can achieve a balanced and well-rounded life.  

To learn more about Cardigan Mountain School’s founding, please download HISTORY: Cardigan Mountain School (1945-1995).

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“With each and every man of Cardigan doing what he can, within his limitations and within the scopes of his conscience, there is no foreseeing the limits of development in this unique school of ours.”

- Harold "Hap" Hinman

Early Cardigan & Active Learning

This photo from 1959 features the model airplane club. The boys all designed, built, and flew their own airplanes!