Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Cardigan’s 75th Anniversary

Smiling students peer out of the Cardigan bus window
Cardigan boys leaving Chapel under beautiful fall foliage
Front facade of Wallach Cardigan's new center for Design, Engineering and Arts

Save the date and plan to celebrate with us on The Point on October 24, 2020! Head of School Chris Day P’12,’13 and the Board of Trustees cordially invite all members of Cardigan Mountain School’s global community to join them in celebrating the past, present, and future of the School.

To mark Cardigan’s 75th academic year, we welcome all alumni, friends, and family to join us next fall for some truly special events.Check back to this page regularly for the latest information about Cardigan's 75th Anniversary celebrations. We will be updating the event details, other 75th Anniversary events, and even who is planning to attend!

Save the Date

If you hope to join in the Anniversary celebrations, let us know early! There’s always time to change your mind, but submitting the “I'm saving the date" form will allow us to send you event reminders, offer support for planning, and tell you who else hopes to be on The Point during your visit.

See Who Has Saved the Date!


Class of 1955
Dave Webster '55

Class of 1956
Grant Kingswell '56

Class of 1960
Jim Casselman '60

Class of 1968
Kim Kenly '68

Class of 1969
Capt. John Pagenstecher '69

Class of 1971
Sheldon Caplan '71

Class of 1973
Robert Chartener '73

Class of 1979
Jeremy Crigler '79

Class of 1980
Stew Dixon '80
Chip Haskell '80
Kari Kontu '80
Dave McCusker '80, P'10,'09

Class of 1981
Juha Hakala '81

Class of 1982
Rick DellaRusso '82

Class of 1983
Nelson Schniewind '83

Class of 1992
Karl Hutter '92
Hanski Lignell '92
Gustavo Struck '92

Class of 1995
Joe Burnett '95
Marc Porcelli '95

Class of 2000
Jer Shipman '00

Class of 2001
Bev Wakely H'01,P'70,'73,'75

Class of 2002
Chip Dewar H'02,P'93

Class of 2003
Diego Benitez '03

Class of 2008
Wim Hart H'08

Class of 2009
Jason Sohn '09

Class of 2012
Charlie Day '12
Alex Gray H'12,P'14,'16

Class of 2013
Henry Day '13

Class of 2016
Steff McCusker H'16, P'10,'09 
Diane Wallach H'16, P'06

Class of 2019
Leopold Dorilas '19
Owen Fu '19
Henry Sterrett '19


Robert Chartener '73 (Current)
Jeremy Crigler '79 (Current)
Chris Day P'12,'13 (Current)
Rick DellaRusso '82 (Current)
Stew Dixon '80 (Current)
David Gregory P'17 (Current)
Karl Hutter '92 (Current)
Kim Kenly '68 (Current)
Jory Macomber P'12 (Current)
Barbara O'Connell P'03 (Current)
Marc Porcelli '95 (Current)
Kristi Ross P'18 (Current)
Diane Wallach H'16,P'06 (Emeritus)


Chris Adams (Current)
Mary Bennison (Current)
Joe Burnett '95 (Current)
Chris Day P'12,'13 (Head of School)
Cynthia Day (Current)
Chip Dewar H'02,P'93 (Former Head of School)
Alex Gray H'12,P'14,'16 (Current)
Wim Hart H'08 (Former)
Chip Haskell '80 (Former)
Trisha Hutchinson P'20,'22 (Current)
Kyla Joslin (Current)
Dave McCusker '80,P'09,'10 (Former Head of School)
Steff McCusker H'16,P'09,'10 (Former)
Dan Murphy (Former)
Jer Shipman '00 (Current)
Ryan Sinclair (Current)
Judith Solberg (Current)
Steve Solberg (Current)
Jim Truslow (Former)
Patrick Turcotte P'15 (Current)
Bev Wakely H'01,P'70,'73,'75 (Former)


Ray Anstiss P'21
Marc and Jennifer Brissette P'21
Michael Commerford P'22
George and Chandra Davis P'22
Chris and Cynthia Day P'12,'13
Chip H'02 and Janet Dewar P'93
Andy and Maureen Gilbert P'13,'08,'10
Alex Gray H'12,P'14,'16
David Gregory P'17
Christina Hennessey P'21
John Hennessey and Lauren Carroll P'21
Tamla Hodges P'22
Trisha Hutchinson P'20,'22
Eric Knapp P'20,'21
Jory Macomber P'12
Ryan and Carolyn McCormick P'21
Dave '80 and Steff H'16 McCusker P'10,'09
Barbara O'Connell P'03
Lisa Quinn P'21
Kristi Ross P'18
Gregory and Lisa Tedeschi P'23
Patrick Turcotte P'15
Donna Valenti P'21
Bev Wakely H'01,P'70,'73,'75
Diane H'16 and Marshall Wallach P'06

School logo commemorating the 75th anniversary

October 24, 2020

Dedication of Wallach & the Tsui Yee Gallery

Witness the dedication of Wallach, our new hub for teaching innovative design, applied engineering, and creative arts through active, creative, and experiential learning. We will also celebrate the opening of the Tsui Yee Gallery on Wallach's second floor.

Accomplishments of The Campaign for Cardigan 2020

In 2010, the School launched The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 and committed to excellence in the education of middle school boys. Ten years later, we will celebrate this incredibly successful campaign and its many accomplishments.

Cardigan's 75th Birthday Party

Gather with the School community to toast the progress of the past 75 years, enjoy the moment at a community cookout while watching the Cardigan Cougars compete on the field, and celebrate the School's future in the dedication of Wallach.

Lodging Reservations

Cardigan has partnered with local hotels to reserve blocks of rooms at discounted rates. Click the button below for more information.

Lebanon Courtyard and Element