Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9
Cardigan boys sing the school hymn during the sunset climb to the top of Mount Cardigan
We know middle school boys.

It's all we do. We are a school for boys in grades 6 through 9.

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Cardigan Mountain School offers a close-knit community that prepares middle school boys—in mind, body, and spirit—for responsible and meaningful lives in a global society.

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  • English Department
Alex Gray H’12, P’14,’16

Mr. Gray has taught English at Cardigan since 1993. After a quarter century on The Point, he knows that every day he can find Cardigan students and faculty members doing what they love. In addition to teaching, his “loves” include coaching lacrosse, skiing, and mountain biking, organizing a Cardigan team for an annual fundraising bike ride, and walking his dog Lula with his wife Liz.

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  • World Languages
Pablo Rocha-Vazquez

Mr. Rocha came to Cardigan in 2008 from Madrid, Spain. He teaches Spanish, acts as Assistant Director of International Relations for Spanish speaking students, coaches Varsity Tennis and Varsity Soccer, advises students, and is a dorm parent in McCusker Hall. He enjoys playing tennis, soccer, as well as traveling, reading, and spending time with family, including his wife Shannon (Gahagan), daughter Sol, and son Nico.

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  • Math Department
Kyla Joslin

Ms. Joslin has taught math at Cardigan for six years, but her role in the community goes far beyond that. An avid baker, Ms. Joslin enjoys surprising the boys with a just-out-of-the oven chocolate chip cookie. She’s also known to be quite handy with a needle and thread, and many boys seek out her assistance with a missing button on their Cardigan blazer.

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We Are


We provide the structure boys need to succeed. Daily life at Cardigan has predictable routines that productively engage the boys from the first class through afternoon sports, meals, and evening study hours. Boys know where they need to be, what they need to be doing, and, importantly, when and how to seek extra help.

We show boys that we value what is important to them. Boys thrive at Cardigan because they feel a sense of fellowship and belonging as they work and play together under the supervision of adults who understand and appreciate them.

We all live by our Core Values: Compassion, Integrity, Respect, and Courage. Through discussion, class assignments, and community-building activities, students explore the meaning of each of these values. Modeled by adults in the community, the Core Values become the basis for personal decision making. 

Boys feel comfortable, un-self-conscious, and safe enough to take healthy risks in a single-sex environment where expectations are clearly stated, where feedback and positive reinforcement are constant, and where relationships with adults are characterized by consistency and kindness.

We purposefully develop the interpersonal and communication skills that make a student successful. The firm handshake and eye contact, along with the common courtesies, confidence, and respect fostered here serve our graduates well both at Cardigan and for the rest of their lives.

The Cardigan Way is not just an academic curriculum. Every boy has the opportunity to participate in athletics, arts, spiritual and ethical development, service, and leadership activities. Each boy has a chance to shine in areas of strength, to become more well-rounded, and to enjoy a variety of fulfilling experiences.

We Are


“We practiced Socratic discussion today before we begin our study of United States History… I am looking forward to a great year in the history classroom with this dynamic eighth grade!” Ms. Fedele, History Dept


“I felt amazed when I saw the dawn. I can't believe that I was above the clouds and I felt so close to the sun.” shija wang '21

Student Life

“My favorite class is Physical Science because my teacher, Mr. Germain, is probably one of the most energetic teachers I have ever met in my life.” Jerry Tian '19


“They're incredibly engaged in science...they want to know how our living world works. I feel so fortunate to be working with these inquisitive young men!.” Mrs. Escalante, Science dept


“Help the other fella.” james "Coach" Marrion H'03, P'88. GP'03,'14


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