JV Basketball

JV Basketball Drops A Tough Game to Sunapee
Cardigan JV basketball played well in the first half of their game against Sunapee. Jenson Smock ‘20 (6) and Owen Fu ‘19 (4) gave great efforts. The Cougars lost the lead just before halftime and fell behind more drastically in the second half.
Score: 42-30
Junior Varsity Basketball Wins on the Road
The Cardigan JV basketball squad traveled to Kimball Union Academy on Wednesday afternoon, looking to build on their first two games of the season. For the first time this season, the Cougars had to play against a 2-3 zone defense. Adjusting their offensive sets created opportunities for the boys in green to receive more open looks driving to the basket and from beyond the arc.
Score: 39-27
JV Basketball Beats New Hampton for First Win of the Season
The JV basketball team hit the road in search of their first road win against New Hampton. The Cougars got the offense going early, getting great looks both in the paint and from beyond the arc.
Score: 38-20
JV Basketball Win First Game of the Season
Cardigan JV opened their basketball schedule against Indian River, Wednesday, in front of their home crowd. The teams were evenly matched. Only a few points separated until the final minutes.
Score: 30-24
Cougars End on a Bright Note with a Win over New Hampton 59-32
The Cougars ended their season strong with an amazing second half that overtook the New Hampton squad. In the first half Birken Silitch and Ben Baroni paced the team with 9 and 10 points respectively. The Cougars went to the half with a five-point lead after not playing their best basketball defensively. In the second half, the team really found their stride and managed to get several players invo
Score: 59-32
Cougars Fall in Tight Game
The Cougars took on Eaglebrook for the second time on the road this year on Wednesday afternoon, after winning by 5 last game. The Cougars had a slow start in the first half, heading into halftime trailing 18-7. In the second half, they fought back, cut the lead quickly, and continued to give it their all, leaving the entire second half within a few points. Ultimately, Cardigan fell to Eaglebrook
Score: 29-28
Cougars Defeat Bobcats After Early Lead
The JV Cougars played Brewster at home on Saturday afternoon for the first time this season. The Cougars got an early lead and were able to keep adding on throughout the first half to make the halftime score 23-8. Heading into the second, momentum from the Cougars in addition to many fouls from Brewster allowed them to continue piling onto the lead and giving the Cougar bench a chance for many min
Score: 53-22
JV Hoopsters Earn Win Against Woodstock with Team Play
The Cougars took on Woodstock on Friday afternoon at home for the first time this season. The Cougars started out strong in the first half, earning an early lead and sustaining it heading into the half ahead 23-12. In the second half, they continued to perform well both offensively and defensively, showing extreme growth since the beginning of the season and utilizing the whole bench to play toget
Score: 48-22
Cougars Lose Close One in Back and Forth Battle
The JV Cougars took on KUA for the second time this season, this time away after winning in a buzzer-beater at home just over a week ago. KUA had a slow start to the game as Cardigan was able to take advantage with an early lead to start the first half. Towards the end of the first half the Cougars could not score, allowing KUA to chip away at the score and leave it 14-8 with the Cougars ahead hea
Score: 33-31
Cougars Take Advantage of Dublin Short Bench
The Cougars took on Dublin School on the road on Saturday afternoon. The Cougars came out strong against the short Dublin bench and were able to take control of the game early. By the half, the Cougars led 27-18. The Cougars continued to take control throughout the second half of the game, and as a result, all Cardigan players got ample time on the court and played together well as a team, resulti
Score: 55-27
Cougars Battle Hard for Comeback Win Against Wildcats
The Cougars took on KUA for the first time this season on Saturday afternoon during Parents' Weekend at home. The strong KUA team set a quick pace throughout the first half, with one player scoring five three-pointers during the first half alone, causing the Cougars to fall behind early and leaving the halftime score 13-22. In the second half, the Cougars battled back with the home court advantage
Score: 37-35
Cougars Struggle to Overtake Raiders in Rematch
The Cougars took on Lebanon Middle School on Wednesday afternoon, after losing by six points in a close game in Lebanon last week. The game was once again well-matched and physical for the entire duration. At the half, the Cougars led 20-15. In the second half, the intensity continued and the game was within points down to the final seconds, with Lebanon pulling ahead to win 40-34.
Score: 40-34
Cougars Upset Hurricanes on the Road
The JV Cougars took on Hartford School on Monday evening in Hartford after winning during their first matchup at home earlier in the season. At the half, the Cougars led 22-7. In the second half, the Cougars kept up the pressure but the small but mighty Hartford team was able to keep fighting and rose their score to 20, while the Cougars finished ahead with 42 points.
Score: 42-20
Cougars Lose Very Close, Hard-Fought Battle Against Lebanon
The JV Cougars took on Lebanon Middle School in Lebanon on Wednesday afternoon. Both teams battled for the entire 28 minutes, playing a very physical game. At the half, the Cougars trailed by one, 17-16. In the second half, the Cougars kept it close but were unable to secure the victory, eventually falling behind by six points leaving the final score 41-35.
Score: 41-35
Cougars Clinch Win in Back and Forth Game on the Road
The JV Cougars took on White Mountain School on Saturday afternoon, after beating them in their first match at home. The Cougars were missing several players due to injuries and other reasons but did not let their short bench hold them back as several second and third string players stepped up during the game. After a slow start, the Cougars trailed 8-17 at the half. In the second half, they battl
Score: 30-29
Cougars Lose Close Battle with Indian River School
The Cougars faced Indian River School for the second time this year in Marrion gym on Wednesday afternoon. After losing the first matchup, Indian River was hungry for revenge and played with intensity from the tip-off, despite their small physical size. In the first half, the short Cardigan bench, including only nine players as a result of several injuries, fought hand in hand with Indian River, b
Score: 43-40
Cougars Beat Eagles in Back and Forth Game
The Cougars took on their rival Eaglebrook away on Saturday afternoon. During the first half, the Cougars controlled the pace of the game, but just before the half Eaglebrook went on a run to leave the halftime score 11-10, with Cardigan in the lead. In the second half both teams battled play after play leaving the score within just a few points for the entire duration. The Cougars were able to fi
Score: 30-25
Cougars Fall Short to Wildcats Despite Second Half Drive
The JV Cougars played in their first game following the break at Vermont Academy on Wednesday afternoon. In the first half, the Cougars struggled against the bigger and stronger Wildcats leaving the halftime score 8-26. In the second half, the Cougars sought revenge and came out strong.
Score: 45-38
JV Cougars Remain Undefeated
The JV Cougars continued their undefeated season with a win against White Mountain School on Saturday in Marrion Gym. In the first half, the Cougars played together and increased the score to 18-4 by halftime. In the second half, White Mountain battled back, eventually cutting the deficit to only five points, but the Cougars rallied and finished the game ahead 30-19. Leading scorers for the Cougar
Score: 30-19
JV Hoopsters Upset Rams in Close Battle
The JV basketball team took on Tilton Academy on Wednesday afternoon in Marrion gym. The first half was evenly split, with each team battling back and forth and keeping the score within points with the Cougars ahead 15-11 by halftime.
Score: 26-23
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