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Athletes of the Week for October 29, 2018
Date: 11/05/2018

Athletes of the WeekCongratulations to Mateo Escalante '22 and Jeronimo Olivar Rodriguez '19 for receiving Cardigan’s Athlete of the Week Award. Read what their coaches have to say about them below, and meet all the students who were nominated.

Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Mateo Escalante '22 – Varsity Cross Country
Mateo has been a powerhouse athlete, competing at the top level against rivals up to six years his elder. On a brutal course at Vermont Academy, Mateo finished third on our team and 28th overall in the six-school meet. Mateo's race concluded with a sprint finish where he battled against two other runners at full speed for over 500 meters. Mateo's points helped Cardigan to a fifth-place finish in the meet. 

At our final race, before we left for an extended weekend, Mateo was Cardigan's top finisher, securing a fourth-place overall finish on our home course. The shorter-distance race valued athletes who could keep a fast pace over an extended distance and who could turn on the speed early, two elements which Mateo has been working on all year. His dedication and hard-work showed when he held off some of the top runners from the local area. Despite his young age, Mateo has been a leader on our team. He is a runner who refuses to quit, and he manages to balance having fun with giving 100%. He gets the rest of his team moving.

Sub-Varsity Student-Athlete of the Week

Jeronimo Olivar Rodriguez '19 – JV Soccer

Jeronimo has been the very definition of a teammate this year. Wherever he has been needed, he has played to his fullest ability, setting an example for all of his teammates. Jeronimo is a selfless player who gets the most out of himself.

Other Varsity Nominations

Finn Schmidt ’19 – Varsity Football
Finn showed up early and often on the defensive line making several stops to keep our team in the game against a good Exeter offense. He has been a dominant force at defensive tackle all season. He also helps contribute to protecting the quarterback and creating holes on the offensive line. Finn works extremely hard in practice and has shined on defense so far in his first year as a varsity football player. Finn's positive attitude and work ethic contribute to his value as a player.

Cooper Warrington '19 – Varsity Mountain Biking
Cooper has been steadily improving all season. He had his best result of the year in our last race taking first place in the C class. The race was held at Ascutney Mountain and provided some cold, wet, and very challenging conditions. This was by far the longest race of the season for the C class and Cooper was up for the challenge. After a great start, Cooper was able to pull into the lead and never looked back. He has been a good teammate and made strong contributions throughout the season. Well done Cooper.

Ben Baroni ’19 – Varsity Soccer
When the team learned that starting keeper Tony Zou had broken his finger in practice and would be without his services for possibly the rest of the season, we confidently called on Ben to fill the spot. While not a full-time keeper, Ben has had some training and was certainly willing to stand up for the team. Ben played two games this week and earned two victories. In the two games, Ben only allowed one goal, which was deflected and changed direction on the way through the scrum in front of him. In fact, he almost had the save made! Ben's athleticism, team focus, and energy served him and saved the team this week. It is with appreciation and confidence that we thank Ben as a team, and we feel confident that he will stand tall for the remaining four games in our schedule. 

Other Sub-Varsity Nominations

Jason Jiang '20 – JV Football
Jason has worked hard all year on both the offensive and defensive lines. He is a quiet leader who leads through example and is setting himself apart as one of the toughest players on the team. In only his second year, he is playing at the level of someone that has been on the field his whole life. 

Michael Brannan '20 – Sailing
Michael always comes to practice with a positive attitude and makes sure to get all of the sailors involved in activities and build enthusiastic team spirit. Michael is not afraid to try something new, and his actions show great leadership on the team! 

Wilson Knapp ’21 – Thirds Mountain Biking 
Wilson has refined his mountain bike skills through tenacious efforts. He has progressed through feedback, video observation, and practice. His courage to try new features is contagious. He also respects and knows his limits, which is equally important on the bike. Keep up the awesome riding! 

Church Salathe ’22 Thirds Soccer
Church has demonstrated an advanced soccer IQ, and he is a quick learner on the pitch. In our previous game against Woodstock, Church scored two goals because he was in the right place at the right time. He makes great runs to find space and become dangerous. While strikers are not always known for their defense, Church works hard to put pressure on the opposing defenders, which often results in turnovers and a counter attack for our side. He brings great energy and has a huge amount of potential as a soccer player. 

Lorenzo Lopez '19– Rock Climbing
Lorenzo has been working on a project climb in the cave for the past two weeks that he finished today. In addition, he climbed two other problems that he had never done before. Lorenzo has had a positive attitude and has been excited for the opportunity to climb every day this week. 

Diego Villarreal Sanchez '20 – JV Mountain Biking
Diego has been fearless on the trails and has given it full gas since day one. In the most recent race, he would have finished fifth on the Varsity Mountain Biking Team in the C class. He pushed himself the entire race and made spectacular passes on the climb and gained ground on the descents. 

Willem Naughton '20 – Fourths Soccer
William, as a defender, scored his first goal last week! Willem scored by striking a cannon of a shot from outside the 18. Willem has been a reliable wall in the backfield all season long. He can be counted on to help lead the defense and help set the tone. Keep up the great work.

Randy Xiao '21 – Reserve Soccer
Randy stepped up and played quite well in our game against Hanover, commanding the back line and clearing all potential threats in the box. Randy has improved his accuracy, and his speed, and has been a solid presence on the defensive half of the field. Randy works hard on a daily basis to better himself as a player, and he is very receptive to constructive criticism.

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