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Classes Are In Session
Date: 09/14/2018

Cardigan classroomOn Monday and Tuesday this week, students took part in Academic Orientation, learning where all of their classes were located, meeting their teachers, and completing placement testing. Students were eager to officially begin classes on Wednesday! We asked our students what their favorite classes are so far. Here are just a few of their responses:

“My favorite class is math because it’s very fun and easy. Also the teacher is very nice and all the students in the room are my friends.” –Lorenzo Lopez ’19

  • “I love history because it is clearly going to be a fun year!” –Luke Litowitz ’20

  • “It has been a really fun day. Favorite class is probably Mr. Clark's history class, but I really enjoyed all the classes.” –Kaiyi Chen ’20

  • “The first day is pretty good. I really like the French since this is the first time to learn it! (My third language). English class makes me surprised a lot –it's exciting with Ms. Lloyd. I had a really nice day!” –Shijia Wang ’21

  • “My favorite class is English because it’s fun.” –Aiden Thede ’20

  • “My favorite class so far is PEAKS because Mr. Caprow makes class fun and energetic.” –Cayden Van Dolah ’21

  • “So far, I've learned a good amount of new guys’s names and went through all of my classes. My favorite is probably English with Mr. Wennik because it's different from all my other classes.” –Hong Ahn ’19
    Cardigan classroom
  • “Everything is great here. I like every class, since they are pretty fun and not stressful.” –Bill Ke ’20

  • “My favorite class so far is English because of the amazing discussions we have.” –Leopold Dorilas ’19

  • “Classes were great. My favorite class so far is math class because it was fun to have a class with everyone who I already know from the previous year.” –Paul Scull ’19

  • “My favorite class is biology because it really allows us to explore the world.” –Hongcheng Ren ’19

  • “My favorite class so far is history because Mr. Clark is awesome.” –Tinashe Muhlauri ’20

  • “My favorite class is English because I am always occupied during the class.” –Alexander Kozin ’20

  • “My favorite class was English because it is very fun class.” –Robert Blenk ’20

  • “My favorite class was math. Mr. Jangro is just hilarious.” –Jose Carrandi ’19

  • Cardigan classroom“My favorite class so far is science. Mainly because Mr. Escalante makes very fun and easy for us to understand, while he also makes it challenging and unpredictable.” –Alonso Moreno Cortina ’20

  • “My favorite class is math. Mr. Gartner makes it fun and exciting.” –Juno Cowans ’20

  • “My favorite class is English because it helps me improve.” –Jeronimo Olivar Rodriguez ’19

Similarly, our teachers were eager to report on how well their classes have been going, and their thoughts on the start of the academic year so far. Here are just a few of their responses: 

  • “We have a very kind and invested group of boys this year!” –Corey Lawson

  • “The students are already engaged in learning about how to identify empathy and now are discussing how to act responsibly with empathy. This year-long theme will be one that the students can use to grow academically and personally.” –Marty Wennik

  • “Classes have been great! The students learned how to greet each other and ask each other's names in Latin. We sang a rousing version of Gaudeamus Igitur to cap things off. Jerry Wang in Latin 1B told me at lunch that he had a great time!” –David Johnson

  • “Our group of ninth graders are visibly engaged in all aspects of school life. Their kindness, empathy, and humor have made for a very enjoyable start of the school year. It's going to be a great year!” –Amaya Brondel

  • Cardigan classroom“In seventh-grade PEAKS, the students are beginning work on our first unit, the Academic Toolbox. This week, students learned how to fill out their student planbook, organized their Team 7 binders, and also honed their skills writing the Cardigan Heading.” –Jarrod Caprow

With a full week of classes under our belts, it’s safe to say that students, faculty, and the rest of the Cardigan community are thrilled with the start of the school year and are looking forward to what the rest of the academic year will bring!

See a gallery of photos from Cardigan's first day of classes.

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