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A Visit From Senator Maggie Hassan
Date: 07/17/2017

Senator Maggie HassanWith Cardigan Summer Session in full swing and more than 150 boys and girls from across the globe enjoying rich and active program, we were thrilled to have a very special guest join us. United States Senator from New Hampshire Maggie Hassan stopped by our campus to speak with tenth grade students enrolled in our Student Leadership Program.

"Meeting Senator Hassan was an experience I will never forget,” said Regine Decossard of New York. “Hearing from such an important female figure of the senate made me realize how much we can change." Students also appreciated the opportunity to interact with a member of such high political standing. "Being able to hear such a prominent female figure was captivating!” said Emma Brondel of New Hampshire.

Senator Hassan, who was Governor of New Hampshire from 2013 to 2017, has been representing our state in Congress since January 2017. She visited with our students for over an hour, speaking candidly about her experiences in politics and taking their questions on leadership issues. "Senator Hassan defined leadership as: ‘the power to speak for others who cannot speak for themselves’,” said Gabby Duarte of New York. “I felt that was particularly touching and powerful." The Senator also spoke on several issues that are important to her, including improving access to healthcare and fighting the opioid epidemic.

See photos from Senator Hassan’s visit to Cardigan Mountain School.

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