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Cardigan Cultures in Chapel Part II: South Korea
Date: 04/18/2017

Chapel serviceBy Dr. Houston, Director of Spiritual Life

Pride of Place extends beyond the here and now; its vision reaches far into the future, and its foundations were laid in the distant past. We share pride in a common place and shared experiences, and we have personal pride in our particular cultures and unique adventures. To celebrate the many sources of pride and belonging within the Cardigan Community, we continue our series of Chapel services honoring our cultural backgrounds.

The April 13 Chapel was planned and executed entirely by Cardigan’s Korean students. After prayers for Holy Week and Passover, Justin Yoon ’17 introduced the day’s lineup. Jungho Chang ’17 shared his knowledge of the South Korean flag, explaining the origins and implications of its symbols. Jay Young Lee ’19 played a gift of music on the piano; Shawn Kim ’17 and Joseph Min ’17 explained the language and alphabet and religions of Korea respectively. Jerich Lee ’18 then delivered the student keynote address, speaking about his sense of identity as a Korean and American. Director of Secondary School Placement Mr. Kris Langetieg—in full hanbok, or Korean traditional attire—spoke about living in South Korea, specifically the power of food to bring people together. To close, Taewon Moon ’19 introduced the South Korean National Anthem, giving a brief history and asking the Korean boys to join him. Our next Chapel will focus on the culture of Mexico.

Cardigan Cultures in Chapel: China
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