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Cardigan Visits Friends in Mexico
Date: 03/03/2017

Cardigan visits MexicoAs the snow and temperatures continued to fall in New Hampshire this February, several members of the Cardigan community flew south to receptions hosted by Cardigan families in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City, Mexico. Head of School Chris and Cynthia Day P’12, ’13 joined Associate Director of Admissions Jessica Bayreuther P’09,’15,’17 and Assistant Director of International Relations Pablo Rocha to visit with new and current Cougar families.

Photos: Visiting Our Friends and Family in Mexico 

Current families from each city graciously hosted a reception to welcome all who wished to attend, sharing toasts, stories, and laughs, and cultivating already-strong Cardigan bonds. “The families couldn’t have been more welcoming,” said Mrs. Day, “especially as it was Chris’ and my first visit to Mexico.” Cardigan’s newest leaders were excited to connect with the families and to assure them that our bond with their boys and prospective Mexican families is as strong as ever.  
Alumni soccer gameMrs. Bayreuther was excited to share the country and culture of Mexico with Mr. and Mrs. Day. “It was a special opportunity to introduce Chris and Cynthia to these generous families amidst their own unique culture,” she said. “Our Mexican families were able to become more familiar with Chris and Cynthia and develop real confidence in how fortunate we are to have them leading the school, looking after their boys.”

Photos: Mexican Cardigan Alumni Soccer Game

Each reception welcomed current parents, future families, as well as alumni. Mr. Day addressed the families about the long-standing and valued relationship between Cardigan and Mexican families, and our continued commitment to teaching our students what it means to live responsible and meaningful lives in a global society.

A highlight to the trip this year was the alumni soccer game hosted in Mexico City. Four teams of seven Cougar alumni were formed to accommodate the impressive turnout for the game. “The soccer game was well attended and I enjoyed seeing the boys reunite with hugs and laughs and play a rousing game of soccer,” said Mrs. Day. “Mr. Rocha impressed us all with his close connection with the boys and his soccer finesse.”

During each reception, Mr. Day expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome they received. “Cardigan has such a deep connection to these cities and this country,” said Mr. Day. “I feel like we are visiting family—because we are. It is wonderful to see so many Cardigan families—past, present, and future.”

Members of the Cardigan community look forward to visiting friends in Mexico each year. “It’s never been more important for us to visit you here in Mexico to underscore how our relationship with you here in Mexico and our commitment to your sons has never been stronger,” Mr. Day said. “We are so grateful for your hospitality and warmth in welcoming us to your family.”
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